hausmarke - the coffee-cola

hausmarke is the simple but brilliant idea of enhancing cola with coffee.

hausmarke is new!

And hausmarke is unmistakable! While conventional cola brands nearly all taste the same, hausmarke sets new trends. As soon as you pop the cap and hear that fizzing sound, you will experience the refreshing aroma which will leave you wanting more.

What’s so special about hausmarke? It’s not only the delightful mix of cola and coffee. It also offers the highest legal rate of caffeine allowed for soft drinks. The addition of guarana masterfully accomplishes this creation. hausmarke gives you the energy you need! No matter whether you want to party on all night or if you are recovering from the night before, an ice-cold hausmarke will quickly deliver the energy you need.

hausmarke refreshes body and soul!

Make hausmarke your brand of choice!

hausmarke – now available at Aachen university!

hausmarke will give you new energy between exams or lectures!

The first cola from Brakel!

hausmarke - die Kaffee-Cola

Delicious, refreshing – hausmarke!